Visa Application


UNI-GUIDE is not only a constant source of up to date information and sincere guide, it also takes the candidate through the visa application procedure and submission whilst not only ensuring  that the candidate is happy with the service but submitted application is meeting all the requirements.


VISA Consultancy Services:

Visa Guidance:

Securing a visa is not problematic or impossible as long as the the prospective candidate meets all the requirements, follows the procedures and provides all  required evidence. This is where UNI-GUIDE and its professional staff ensures that the candidates have submitted evidence based, legally complaint and high standard applications, years of experience provides truly high standard and professional consultancy ensuring . At UNI-GUIDE, we  provide guidance and support at every step of the visa process, starting from filling up application form, preparing financial statements, affidavits, declarations, cover letters, proper presentation of the facts and all the other documentation that support and strengthens the visa application.  We provide a peace of mind service as we have your best interest at the heart of our service.

Portfolio of Countries for which UNI-GUIDE specializes:

UNI-GUIDE dealing with Countries:

  • United State of America (USA)
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • United Kingdom (UK)
  • Republic of Ireland
  • Sweden
  • Other European Countries including all Schengen Countries
  • South Korea
  • Japan

With us, you will get:

  • Comprehensive Visa Guidance for all kinds of Visas
  • Visa Documentation Assistance
  • Presentation of the Visa file in a Professional way
  • Mock Interviews to Enhance the Confidence
  • Regular follow-up with High Commission/Embassies

Visa officer of any country checks the following points in your visa application:

  • There is a logical and authentic progression in education leading to career growth.
  • Candidate will be able to understand English as it will be the only means of communication.
  • Candidate have enough funds to support higher education abroad.
  • The intention for going abroad is study and not working.
  • Candidate will not overstay his/her or legal visa limit.
  • Visa procedure for higher education abroad are duly followed.
  • As a Pakistani student, if one plans to study anywhere outside Pakistan, the candidate must apply for a student visa before traveling abroad.
  • There are no financial, academic, English speaking or intention of overstaying that can lead to the rejection of visa application


  • UNI-GUIDE does not make false claims of having any sort of special relation that can influence in your visa decision because we believe in complete transparency, professionalism and conducting our business whilst maintaining highest ethical standards.
  • UNI-GUIDE treats its clients with professionalism whilst having their best interest at the heart of its service. We will provide you best possible advice and service without financial motives.