The Netherlands

The Netherlands, or less formally Holland, was the first non-English speaking country to offer courses and degrees in English back in the 1950’s. This experience along with a unique teaching approach involving more teamwork and problem-solving compared to other countries has helped Holland become one of the leading alternative destinations after studying in the UK, Australia and the USA.

Education in the Netherlands is intensive and whilst in some circumstances you may be able to complete some part-time work you should expect to commit most of your time to your studies.

Universities in Netherland

With three Universities in the QS top 100 world rankings 2011/12 the education system in the small country of Holland commands more respect than might be expected. The higher education structure in Holland has three distinct types of institution with each institution offering different degrees and different subjects

Following are the universities in Netherland:

  1. Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
  2. University of Amsterdam
  3. Holland International Study Center
  4. Hanze University of Applied Sciences
  5. University of Twente
  6. Han University
  7. Avans University
  8. HU University of Applied Sciences
  9. University of Applied Sciences
  10. Fontays University of Applied Sciences

Because of Holland’s location, history and its strong service sector it is well renowned in the area of international business. The predominant qualification in this area is the MBA program. In one of our other articles Business School Netherlands explain how their MBA has been helping develop business leaders for the last 20 years.