University College Dublin

University College Dublin

Dublin is a very famous city with a rich history. It is a global business hub. And it is home of top tech companies like Facebook, Google, and IBM. Dublin offers excellent career opportunities after graduation.

University college Dublin is ranked among the best universities in the world. Founded in 1854, UCD is one of the country’s oldest universities. It’s also its largest, offering a diverse range of degree programs


Business, Economics and social sciences.

  • Actuarial & Financial Studies
  • Business
  • Business and law
  • City Planning & Environmental policy
  • Commerce
  • Economics
  • Economics and Finance
  • Law
  • Social Policy and sociology
  • Social Science
  • Sustainability: Environmental Science and Engineering
  • Sustainability: Social Sciences, Policy and Law
  • Agricultural Sciences
  • Agricultural system Technology
  • 14-SEP- TO 11-DEC
  • 11-JAN- TO 19-MAR