Transport and Telecommunication Institute(TSI)

Transport And Telecommunication Institute(TSI)

Transport and telecommunication institute (TSI) is a modern university. TSI was established in 1999. The Institute received permanent accreditation in Latvia as a higher education institution.TSI offers study programs in the most demanded study fields.TSI is conducting the diversified research scientific work. According to the results of expert evaluation Transport and Telecommunication Institute is the only one among private colleges included in the list of leading scientific institutions, acting in Latvia.


  • BSc Computer Science.
  • BSc Telecommunication System and Computer Networks.
  • BSc Electronics.
  • Robotics.
  • Transport and Business Logistics.
  • BSc Aviation Transport.
  • Economics.
  • Management.
  • MSc Management of information system.
  • MSc Computer Sciences.
  • MSc Electronics.
  • MSc Transport and Logistics.
  • MSc Management.
  • MSc Economics.
  • MSc Aviation Management.


The academic year at Linnaeus University is divided into two semesters (Summer and Winter),

  • Summer 2019: 1 September – DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS: 30 May
  • Winter 2020: 3 January – DEADLINES FOR APPLICATIONS: 15 October