27 Jun 2018

After the destruction of world war 2, Japan had to lose almost it’s all resources including two major cities. It seemed to be it was a mound of dead but it`s law of nature God helps those who help themselves. The Japanese people who survived in deadly destruction determined to restore the peace of this country and so they did. Because opportunities dance with people who are on the dance floor. Now days, Japan stands on the list of developed countries and has been declared as the most peaceful country in the world. Therefore, students from all over the world want to study in Japan and try to adopt their culture and ethics. This is the reason we have decided to write about the cost of living in Japan per month.

Students mostly inspired by the living conditions in Japan and some other facilities that they give to the students and other national or international people. Japan also became world tourist attraction of people all over the world. Above all, it also became one of the most attractive country for international students because of its education system. Therefore, mostly students search cost of living in Japan before going there.

Living Conditions in Japan

Living conditions in Japan depend on individual attraction and his budget because Japan is the most prosperous country where both expensive and affordable cities are existing. Like Tokyo is the most famous city in this world and we can compare the life of Tokyo with that of London, Sydney, and Washington. But on the other hand, some other Japanese cities in which student feel home like environment and feel no difficulties to survive also there and they are definitely less expensive as compared to Tokyo.

Life of Tokyo

Some people think that Tokyo is the most expensive city in Japan but when we see beauty of this city and living conditions we see heaven on earth. We forget everything by seeing its royal environment. International students mostly intend to show their attentions to live in Tokyo due to its popularity. In Tokyo they can get

  • Apartments
  • Separate rooms
  • Home
  • Hostels

So living in Tokyo is little expensive but it is a city of opportunities with lot of attractions including the best life style of the world.

Life of other Major Cities

Contrary to Tokyo, the other major cities of Japan are also affordable as in OSKA, Nara, Hakone, Mount Fuji. They are inexpensive cities and students feel no difficulty when they live in these cities as these cities have good living standards with lot of part time jobs. Students can find apartments, rooms, and flats easily and on very low cost.

Cost of Food

Japan is the most landlocked country with rich culture and long history. Intentional students enjoy different recipes during their stay as Japanese major dishes are

  • Rice
  • Misco soup
  • Cabbage
  • Noddles
  • Sea foods

On the other hand, there are many restaurants in Japan in which people belong to different countries serve Japanese people and international people. Therefore, if any individual does not want to eat Japanese food, he can eat his own national food which is available at various restaurants. If we talk about cost of food a person can eat his favorite dishes within 400-500 yen.

Cost of Clothes and other Necessary Things

Japan is more advance country not only in technology but also in clothes and other electronics things or automobile. The world top brands are found in Japan. We can say it is hub of brands, on the other hand, the ecteronic goods are also available with less prices. The top ranked mobile manufacture companies and automobile companies are found in Japan, due to these factories of mobiles and cars are available with less prices.

Routine Life Goods

In Japan the routine life goods are available easily on stores, people can get everything from stores on less prices. Japan makes no compromise on the quality of things and the Japanese health minister pays a deep interest into these things. Therefore, the death rate in japan is very low because people enjoy quality of things.

Travel Cost

In japan the cost of travel is very low as compare to other modern countries. It would not be wrong to say that in Japan the modern transport can be seen and people feel comforts during their traveling. International students also enjoy Japan by traveling on local transport because they have to pay a few yen.

Conclude of cost in Japan for single person

  1. Breakfast: 300
  2. Lunch: 600 (obento, cost more if you eat with colleagues)
  3. Supper: 800
  4. Two drinks a day: 250

Sub Total: 1,950*30 days= 58,500

Monthly Cost

  1. Telephone Bill: 8,000
  2. Gas Bill: 3,000 (gas shower), cost more if you cooking
  3. Electronic Bill: 3,500
  4. Water Bill: 2,000
  5. Drink with you team or department: 4,000*2 (2 times in average) = 8,000
  6. Movie 1 time a month: 1,800
  7. Museum 1 time a month: 1,600
  8. Y-shirt cleaning fee: 5 shirts a week*150 JPY*4 weeks a month= 3,000

Sub Total Cost of Living in Japan: 30,900 JPY

In the above mentioned paragraphs, we discussed major aspect of Japanese education system, living condition for international students, and all the goods that they use in their routine life. In the Nutshell, we safely say without any hesitation that Japan is one of the best options for young and energetic students who have aims to prove themselves at an international level. Therefore, Japan provides them home like environment and gives all of those facilities that they may imagine in their dreams with low cost. Therefore, do not be panic regarding cost of living in Japan and took a step towards it because luck always with them who have an idea to use it.