University of Amsterdam

University of Amsterdam

You may have many choices facing you, but before you decide where to go to complete your undergraduate, postgraduate or professional qualification, here are some of the reasons why you should choose Amsterdam University.

  • part-time work throughout the year (no more than 10 hours a week)
  • one year work permit after completion of Degree

Bachelor Programme

admission Requirement

12 year of education /A level/o level

IEITS: IELTS Academic: minimum 6.5, at least 6.0 on each sub-score

course intake 


course Duration

36 month/ 3 years

course Detail

Actuarial Science

Business Administration

Communication Science

Econometrics and Operations Research

Economics and Business Economics

European Studies

Liberal Arts and Sciences (Amsterdam University College)


Literary and Cultural Analysis (Literary Studies)

Media and Information

Political Science

Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics


Sign Language Linguistics (Linguistics)

Master’s Programme 

Admission Requirements

Academic Bachelor’s degree

IEITS: IELTS Academic: minimum 6.5, at least 6.0 on each sub-score


Academic Referee (At least one )


course Intake


course Duration

12 month or 18 month

course Detail

Accountancy and Control

Accountancy and Control: Accountancy (track)

Accountancy and Control: Control (track)

Actuarial Science and Mathematical Finance

Actuarial Science and Mathematical Finance: General (track)

Actuarial Science and Mathematical Finance: Quantitative Risk Management (track)

American Studies (History)

Ancient History (Classics and Ancient Civilizations)

Ancient Studies (Classics and Ancient Civilizations)

Archaeology of Northwestern Europe (Archaeology)

Archival and Information Studies (Heritage Studies)

Archival and Information Studies (Heritage Studies)

Argumentation, Rhetoric and Communication (Communication and Information Studies)

Art Studies (Arts and Culture)

Artificial Intelligence

Artistic Research (Arts and Culture)

Arts of the Netherlands (Arts and Culture)

Atomic Scale Modeling of Chemical, Physical and Bimolecular Systems (ATOSIM)

Biological Sciences

Biological Sciences: Ecology and Evolution (track)

Biological Sciences: Freshwater & Marine Biology (track)

Biological Sciences: General Biology (track)

Biological Sciences: Green Life Sciences (track)

Biomedical Sciences

Biomedical Sciences: Medical Biology tracks

Biomedical Sciences: Neurobiology tracks

Brain and Cognitive Sciences

Business Administration (MBA)

Business Administration (MSc)

Business Administration (MSc): Digital Business (track)

Business Administration (MSc): Entrepreneurship & Innovation (track)

Business Administration (MSc): Entrepreneurship and Management in the Creative Industries (track)

Business Administration (MSc): International Management (track)

Business Administration (MSc): Leadership and Management (track)

Business Administration (MSc): Marketing (track)

Business Administration (MSc): Strategy (track)

Business Economics

Business Economics: Competition Law and Economics (track)

Business Economics: Managerial Economics and Strategy (track)

Business in Society (joint Research Master’s Programme)

Chemistry (joint degree UvA/VU)

Chemistry: Analytical Sciences (track)

Chemistry: Molecular Sciences (track)

Chemistry: Science for Energy and Sustainability (track)

Chemistry: Science, Business and Innovation (track)

Child Development and Education

Classics (Classics and Ancient Civilizations)

Communication Science: Research Master’s

Communication Science: Corporate Communication

Communication Science: Entertainment Communication

Communication Science: Persuasive Communication

Communication Science: Political Communication

Comparative Cultural Analysis (Arts and Culture)

Comparative Literature (Literary Studies)

Computational Science (joint degree UvA/VU)

Computer Science (joint degree UvA/VU)

Conflict Resolution and Governance

Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage

Contemporary Asian Studies

Cultural Analysis (Arts and Culture)

Cultural and Social Anthropology

Curating Art and Cultures (Heritage Studies)

Discourse and Communication Studies (Communication and Information Studies)

Earth Sciences

Earth Sciences: Environmental Management (track)

Earth Sciences: Future Planet Ecosystem Science (track)

Earth Sciences: Geo-ecological Dynamics (track)

East European Studies (European Studies)


Econometrics: Big Data Business Analytics (track)

Econometrics: Econometrics (track)

Econometrics: Financial Econometrics (track)

Econometrics: Free Track

Econometrics: Mathematical Economics (track)

Economic Geography (Human Geography)


Economics: Behavioral Economics and Game Theory (track)

Economics: Development Economics (track)

Economics: International Economics and Globalization (track)

Economics: Markets and Regulation (track)

Economics: Monetary Policy & Banking (track)

Economics: Public Policy (track)

English (track)

English Literature and Culture (Literary Studies)

Entrepreneurship (joint degree VU and UvA)

Environmental Geography (Human Geography)

European Policy (European Studies)

European Politics and External Relations (Political Science)

European Private Law (LLM)

Executive Master in International Finance (MIF)

Executive Programme in Management Studies

Film Studies (Media Studies)


Finance: Asset Management (track)

Finance: Banking and Regulation (track)

Finance: Corporate Finance (track)

Finance: Quantitative Finance (track)

Finance: Real Estate Finance (track)

Forensic Science

French (track)

General Linguistics (Linguistics)

German (track)

Governing Europe (European Studies)

Hebrew and Jewish Studies (Middle Eastern Studies)

Heritage and Memory Studies (Heritage Studies)

Heritage, Memory and Archaeology (Research Master’s)

Holocaust and Genocide Studies (History)

Human Geography

Identity and Integration (European Studies)

Information Law (LLM)

Information Studies

Information Studies: Business Information Systems (track)

Information Studies: Data Science (track)

Information Studies: Human Centered Multimedia (track)

International and European Law: European Competition Law and Regulation (LLM track)

International and European Law: European Union Law (LLM track)

International and European Law: International Trade and Investment Law (LLM track)

International and European Law: Public International Law (LLM track)

International Criminal Law (LLM)

International Development Studies

International Development Studies

International Dramaturgy (Arts and Culture)

International Relations (Political Science)

International Tax Law (LLM)

Italian (track)

Journalism, Media and Globalization (Erasmus Mundus Master’s – joint degree)

Landscape and Heritage (Archaeology)

Language and Education (Linguistics)

Language and Society (Linguistics)

Law, Markets and Behavior (LLM track)

Life Sciences: Bioinformatics and Systems Biology

Linguistics (research)

Literary Studies (research)

Literature and Education (Literary Studies)

Literature, Culture and Society (Literary Studies)


Mathematical Physics


MBA Big Data & Business Analytics

MBA in Healthcare Management

Media Studies (research)

Medical Anthropology and Sociology

Medical Informatics

Mediterranean Archaeology (Archaeology)

Museum Studies (Heritage Studies)

Musicology (Arts and Culture)

New Media and Digital Culture (Media Studies)


Philosophy (research)

Physics and Astronomy (joint degree UvA/VU)

Physics and Astronomy: Advanced Matter and Energy Physics (track)

Physics and Astronomy: Astronomy and Astrophysics (track)

Physics and Astronomy: Gravitation, Astro-, and Particle Physics (track)

Physics and Astronomy: Physics of Life and Health (track)

Physics and Astronomy: Science for Energy and Sustainability (track)

Physics and Astronomy: Science, Business and Innovation (track)

Physics and Astronomy: Theoretical Physics (track)

Political Economy (Political Science)

Political Geography (Human Geography)

Political Science

Political Theory (Political Science)

Preservation and Presentation of the Moving Image (Heritage Studies)


Psychology: Behavioral Data Science (track)

Psychology: Brain & Cognition in Society (track)

Psychology: Cultural Psychology (track)

Psychology: Development and Health Psychology (track)

Public International Law (LLM)

Public Policy and Governance (Political Science)

Religious Studies (research)

Religious Studies (Theology and Religious Studies)

Scandinavian (track)

Slavonic (track)

Social Sciences


Sociology: Comparative Organisation and Labour Studies (track)

Sociology: Cultural Sociology (track)

Sociology: Gender, Sexuality and Society (track)

Sociology: Migration and Ethnic Studies (track)

Sociology: Social Problems and Social Policy (track)

Sociology: Urban Sociology (track)

Software Engineering

Spanish (track)

Stochastics and Financial Mathematics

System and Network Engineering

Television and Cross-Media Culture (Media Studies)

Theatre Studies (Arts and Culture)

Tinbergen Institute MPhil in Economics (Research Master)

Urban and Regional Planning

Urban Geography (Human Geography)

Urban Studies

Western Esotericism (Theology and Religious Studies)

Student Welfare

We offer advice and support to all students in the university. Whether it is concerns about examinations, assignments,accommodation or finances, the Student Services Officer is available to help with your concerns. However, if you require additional assistance and wish to speak to the Counsellor, you will be provided with a referral.

This service is free and completely confidential

How can we help you?!

As your International Educational Advisors we want to provide the best service and support possible for our international students. We want to support you in any way that we can and make your transition and stay in country as smooth and seamless as possible.

We can help with academic questions about: Course and program planning, registration, policies and more. As well as non-academic support: Study permit, Work permit, Temporary Resident Visas and more.

You’re welcome to come see us for an appointment, a drop-in, email or call us!