Gisma Business School


Germany is a thriving country in the center of Europe, with a rich political and cultural history. The capital of Germany is BERLIN. For international students, Germany is the third most popular country to study in.


The German International Graduate School of Management and Administration (GISMA Business School,), was founded by former German Chancellor Gerhard Scholler in 1999.GISMAwas ranked 21st in the Financial Times European Business Schools 2017 ranking.


  • Accounting and Finance BSc (hons).
  • Business Marketing BA (hons).
  • Business Tourism BA (hons).
  • Business with Human Resource Management BA (hons).
  • Criminology and Psychology BA (hons).
  • Criminology and Sociology BA (hons).
  • Healthcare Management BA (hons).
  • Human Resource Management and Psychology BA (hons).
  • Psychology and Sociology BA (hons).
  • Social Science BA( hons).
  • MBA.
  • Master in International Business.
  • MSc Innovation, Strategy, and Entrepreneurship.
  • MSc Marketing Management.
  • MSc Corporation Financial Management.
  • MSc Data Analytics and Information System Management.
  • MSc Data Analytics and Marketing.
  • MSc Engineering Management.
  • MSc in Leadership for Digital Transformation.
  • MSc International Agribusiness.
  • MSc International Business Management.
  • MSc International Marketing.
  • MSc IT Security Management.
  • MSc Leadership and Human Resource Management.
  • MSc Project Management.
  • MSc Strategic Business Management.
  • Berlin campus.
  • Hannover campus.
  • UK campus.
  • London campus.
  • Hamburg campus.
  • September
  • July