Career Counseling in Pakistan

  • UNI-GUIDE provides a complete career counseling service in Lahore Pakistan, aimed at helping you to select right University, choose right career path and in obtaining student visa.
  • We will advise you on  application procedure (i.e. provide you with the University/ UCAS application forms and also help you to complete these forms). We will also provide you with all the information you need about  location, resources, facilities and accommodation available at your chosen university.
  • We will advise you regarding correct costs of studying in UK, Australia, the USA, Canada or Across The Globe.
  • In addition to this we will inform you about the best possible options available for you to keep your costs down while studying at one of our network universities/Colleges.
  • We will inform you as to the current situation in UK, Australia, the USA, Canada and other part of the world as far as working your way through your education is concerned.(e.g. work permits).
  • Due to our direct contact with the universities & Colleges, we will help you to obtain best possible offer and guarantee a quick in time response.
  • We will advise you as to the procedure involved in obtaining your visa. We have a good working relationship with the British and Canadian High Commissions and Embassies and thus we will be able to inform you on all student visa requirements. We will usually offer you an opportunity to go through a mock visa interview to build your confidence and make you aware of the essential information that you need before you attend your visa interview.
  • On occasion where a scholarship is available – we will inform and guide you at full length.